Rock n’ roll is an ever-evolving genre that builds on its past. By studying the riffs and harmonies of those who’ve come before, new artists add their own personalities and experiences in a myriad of ways that challenge the ideas of what rock n’ roll is and what it can be. Nashville’s The Delta Troubadours have mined some of that history and added a fresh take with their new EP Get Up and Go. While it is apparent that The Delta Troubadours are connoisseurs of blues rock traditions, they deliver their work without sounding clichéd or unoriginal. If anything, theirs is a perfect melding of Southern rock story-telling, garage rock urgency, and hard-driving guitar-based indie rock.

Opening track “Stone Thrasher” begins with driving bass; frontman Gytis Garsys’ commanding vocals get right up in your ears, while lashing guitar encompasses the rest of the space. The energy is conspicuous and leading, with a bolt of soul pleasing enthusiasm. The slow build of “Lethonomia (I Never Knew My Name)” transforms into yet another hard-driver; “Nobody on the Way,” a garage rock gem, is an aching grinder—Garsys’ voice, unrepentant and hard-nosed, makes you a believer. “ This band fires on all cylinders, and their passion for their work is evident.

The energy, excitement, and quality of Get Up and Go is refreshing. The Delta Troubadours are being heralded as a “must see” act, and have been making a splash across the southeast, headlining shows and playing the festival circuit. If you love muscular, high energy rock, The Delta Troubadours are a must-add to your list.

[Click HERE to purchase Get Up And Go by The Delta Troubadours.]

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[This review was crafted by Eo8’s own hard rock enthusiast, Hunter MacLeod.]

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