Even in the midst of the commercial hustle and bustle, the holidays can be a time of reflection and remembrance. With an entire year behind us, there’s a certain melancholy that arrives, a mixture of sadness and anticipation—because with another year just ahead, the possibilities are endless.

Nashville-based singer/songwriter Monica Moser beautifully captures this sentiment in her new original Christmas song, ”Crave Your Light,” out officially on December 8th. “Back in the spring I was in my hometown without my family for the first time where I first got the inspiration for the song,” she recalls. “I wanted to talk about the guilty feeling we can sometimes experience during this season. It’s a bit of a contradictory feeling – the pressure to be cheerful and the susceptibility of feeling alone.” Moser worked with producer Dylan Byrnes to convey the emotions of this dichotomy—a cold comfort, or a lonely closeness. “In church a couple months back we talked about how the human heart oscillates between wanting to be its own king, and wanting a king that serves it on its own terms,” Moser continues. “A lot of what we demand from the Lord, we already have: a forever kind of love inside. A love that fights our darkness for us. We can so often fall into the feeling that we don’t have what we want the most, during a season that should remind us we have everything we’re searching for.”

With its simple, unfussy production, “Crave Your Light” partners Moser’s smokey vocals with the candlelit warmth of a lone piano to create our one of our favorite heartstring-tuggers this season. Without further ado, East of 8th proudly presents, “Crave Your Light” by Monica Moser:


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