The legendary Stevie Wonder once said, “Just because a record has a groove don’t make it in the groove.” So true, isn’t it? Admittedly, we’ve been in need of something different around here, something that stands out and demands a listen. Beloved readers, if you’re tired of the noisy sameness of today’s musical landscape, give your ears a break, and check out “Anyone,” the debut tune from Nashville-by-way-of Virgina indie rocker Widespell.

Over the past year, Nickolas Widener, the creative force behind Widespell, has been co-writing with fellow indie Nashvillians Ben Ford and Michael Ford, Jr. of Airpark; this spring, Widener and company teamed up with producer Ryan McFadden (Torres, Tony Joe White, Airpark) to record Widespell’s debut EP Sonder, set for release early next year via Eugenia Hall Records.

Originally, this was nothing more than a creative outlet for myself,” Widener explains of the project. “Shortly after jamming on several ideas, it started pulling me into an avenue I’ve never tapped into. I then took these ideas into Eugenia Hall in Nashville where I allowed them to breathe and take shape for a single week. ‘Anyone’ was the first of the tunes to reveal itself and it became the reference point for the vibe of the EP.” Today, Widespell unleashes this debut single with East of 8th; with its laid-back, minimalist groove, it’s like a cool drink of water on a steamy day, or a streak of soothing color on a crisp, white canvas–totally refreshing. Give it a spin:


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