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“We love Nashville, it’s one of our favorite cities,” says Adam Roth, frontman of Southern California band Grizfolk, who will perform at The High Watt on Sunday, October 22nd; Grizfolk is tearing up the highways, spreading their uniquely infectious style of electro-folk n’ roll in select cities this month. “There’s a lot more musical diversity now, it’s not just country anymore. It’s all about good music, and we feel strongly about boots and hats,” he adds with a laugh. “We feel really strongly about good food as well, and Nashville’s got that. We’re ready to form some bonds with people and have a good ol’ Nashville time.”

The five-piece collective hails from different corners of the States and opposite coasts of Sweden; “We were all working on different projects,” recalls Roth of the bands beginnings four years ago. “Myself, Bill, and Brendan were in a different band, when I started writing with Fredrik and Sebastian, the Swedes. We brought them on board, and we ended up on tour in a few months,” he says. “Grizfolk has definitely moved faster than other projects we’ve been involved in. We’re all artists individually, and there’s a lot of diversity in our influences and tastes, which you can hear in our music.” “Brendan is a singer/songwriter that writes really great songs, Frederick and Sebastian are amazing producers—Seb has a sneaky good voice as well,” adds bandmate Billy Delia. “Everybody sings, everybody plays. That combination and diversity makes our sound what it is.”

That sound is beautifully displayed in the band’s newest single, “In My Arms,” a collaboration with fellow artist Jamie N Commons that has garnered almost 3 million streams on Spotify since its release. “We met Jamie on tour one night in Portland, Oregon,” Delia recalls. “We hit it off; a year or two later, we met up in Los Angeles where we lived and started writing. It happened really fast, then we went and grabbed some beers and called it a day. Now we’ve got this song. It was really inspiring in a way, he has this signature voice that’s so dead-on and powerful. It set the tone for the session,” he says. “We focused and got it done because he was really bringing it.”

The band would start their writing sessions with a round table discussion of sorts on current events; when band member Brendan Willing James mentioned the idea of the “falling dream,” which jolts one awake right before or as he or she hits the ground in a breathless state. The band expanded that idea, and examined it through the lens of a relationship. “Brendan actually had that dream the night before we wrote with Jamie,” Delia explains. We wanted to make a song that was about love—about not having boundaries on that. It’s a love song that doesn’t just have to be about two people.”

Grizfolk is working on new material, even while on the road, and is testing unreleased tunes on their audiences. “Hopefully by the end of the year we’ll have more music out,” Roth reveals. “We’re trying to write what feels relevant to us right now.”

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