Canadian indie-rock band The Rural Alberta Advantage has undergone some changes in tune in the past year with the departure of original band member, Amy Cole, but this loss sure hasn’t knocked them off their feet. Brand-new album, The Wild, perfectly encompasses the evolution of RAA’s sound over the years- blending sophisticated harmonies and intricately crafted lyrics with the soft hums and strums of folk in songs like “White Lights” and “Letting Go.” Furthermore, the rebellious roots of rock music are resurrected through pounding drums and heavy lyrics in songs like “Dead Alive.” This album also serves as the debut of Robin Hatch–the group’s latest addition–featured on keyboard, bass pedal, and background vocals. Her arrival, though a big change, offers a fresh sound that will surely not disappoint loyal fans of the band.

In a recent interview discussing the album, Nils Edenloff, The RAA’s lead vocalist and guitarist, describes some of the songs as being about “finding comfort in change” and “trying to embrace the idea of an unknown outcome.” This purpose is evident in The Wild from the start. The first song, “Beacon Hill,” was written in reference to an event close to Edenloff’s heart, a wildfire that affected his hometown of Fort McMurray. As the album continues to unfold, songs like “Alright” (my personal favorite), “Selfish Dreams,” and “Wild Grin,” illustrate an array of real-life thoughts and circumstances in a captivating manner that evokes feelings of sadness, comfort, and hope that can strike a chord with any heart. Ballads like these that fill the album are what make The Wild the most expressive and passionate collection of songs that The Rural Alberta Advantage has ever released.

[Purchase The Wild, out on October 13th via Saddle Creek Records HERE.]

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[This review was crafted with care by Eo8’s own Maggie Kimbro.]

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