Los Angeles-based roots rock outfit Jason Heath And The Greedy Souls will release a new album, But There’s Nowhere To Go, on October 13th via Industrial Amusement. As many other artists creating their work inspired by the circumstances in which they find themselves, the band wrote the bulk of their new album in the aftermath of the recent presidential election.

Each song on the record examines the issues faced by ordinary citizens on the daily—the condition of our damaged environment, harsh truths and reality checks about the tarnished idea of the American Dream, out-of-control leaders, and the blind faith and trust many bestow upon them. While their previous releases may have been labeled “Americana,” But There’s Nowhere To Go plants its flag firmly in the ground of heartland rock n’ roll, following others like Springsteen and Mellencamp who have been a much-needed megaphone for the masses.

Today, the band unleashes “Dead Stars,” a track from the new album. “I was watching an interview with an astronomer that was discussing the fact that all life is carbon-based and carbon is produced when stars die, and that we are all quite literally made of dead stars,” recalls frontman Jason Heath. “She made a statement regarding the irony of dead stars looking up in wonder at the light of distant heavenly bodies. The song came to me from there and I wasn’t sure what it was exactly about but for some reason I kept thinking of David Bowie, who was still in the flesh at the time. I put the song on the shelf as it was a bit of a departure from the songs I was writing then. About a year later when David passed over, I was inspired to work on it again, and it began to make a bit more sense to me,” he adds. “It was definitely a song inspired by Mr. Bowie in some way.”

That song was a bit of a challenge for us because it signaled a change of direction for us as a group,” continues Heath, of their style, which he affectionately refers to as “Post Amerikana Acoustelectric Agit-POP Arena Folkountry Rock” —high-energy, soul-stirring, honest rock ‘n’ roll played loudly, with a tender moment or two inserted for good measure. “We were pushing the limitations and expectations of what we had done on previous records, and we wanted it to be something new without sounding forced.”

Without further ado, East Of 8th proudly presents “Dead Stars” by Jason Heath And The Greedy Souls:

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