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Southern California rootstastic string outfit Moonsville Collective, purveyors of what they call “California Goodtime,” got their start by sitting in on jug band and old-time music circles where an infectious and pure spirit of “music for music’s sake” lived, and injecting that same spirit into their songs and their lives became their quest. Before 2017, the band recorded two studio albums, toured the country, and played countless shows sharing the stage with The White Buffalo, Charlie Parr, and Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, among others. Moonsville pulls poetry from their Los Angeles home terrain, riddled with potholed streets and rusted jukeboxes, and also from their out-of-city get-aways, to create a fertile field where their songs can take root and bloom.

This year, the group decided to push boundaries—not only those of their music, but also their personal endurance as a band—and committed to recording and releasing four five-song EPs. As a result, Moonsville Collective has created a rich catalog of sonic exploration, grounded in the roots (literally and figuratively) of the diverse expanse of Americana music. With two stellar releases under their proverbial belts, the band will continue its musical marathon with Moonsville III, out officially on Friday, September 8th.

Moonsville III is different from I and II, in that you can begin to feel the band getting quieter,” comments Corey Adams, band co-vocalist and banjo/guitar player. “With I, we went into the studio ready for anything new – new sounds, new tones, higher production – and that carried over into II. With III, I feel that you can hear the band’s decision to play it a bit more straight forward, a bit more of what happens in the garage.” While their music is always relatable and captivating, Moonsville III feels like a front-porch jam session or a living room of full of friends gathered to enjoy each other and their shared love of music. We can’t get enough, and you won’t be able to either.

Without further ado, East of 8th proudly presents Moonsville III, the new EP from Moonsville Collective:

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