When I was asked to review The Daybreaks, I did what anyone does before they commit to seeing a band perform live – I checked them out on Spotify. It only took 20 seconds of listening to the first song, “The Machine,” to make me an instant fan, and for the next week I listened to them literally non-stop. Needless to say, I’ve never been more excited to go see a show (this is no lie), and The Daybreaks did not disappoint.

The Back Corner, a unique bar/venue tucked behind 5th and Taylor, was completely packed. The Daybreaks took the darkly-lit stage to celebrate the release of their new album, Find Me At The End Of The World, as ominous synth hummed in the background building anticipation. The set began with that seminal song, my gateway drug to fandom—“The Machine.” The band took their time, wringing the most from every sweet moment for the maximum effect. The theatrics of it all set the mood for the rest of the show. They were electric.

Dubbed as Lightning 100’s “Nashville Super Group,” their music speaks for itself, eclectic with a taste of nostalgia–retro vibes, feel-good jams to listen to when you are on a road trip, working in the office, or getting ready for a fun Friday night with your people. This band will pull you in, dissect your heart, and fill it with joy–a delectable taste of cinematic-flavored pop perfection.

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[This review and its accompanying photos were crafted and created by the dynamic Jenn Ahline and the incomparable Jim Savelyev.]

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