I feel like I spend a lot of time impatiently tapping my feet and glancing at the space on my wrist where a watch should be, waiting to be wowed these days in the midst of an atmosphere of background noise. Just when I had all but given up hope that this summer was going to have a sweet soundtrack with which to cuddle, from the hot (a dry heat, but still ridiculously hot) desert springs forth an oasis—if you aren’t familiar with Arizona-based indie rock outfit The Technicolors and their debut album, Metaphysical, you should be.

With shades of 90s energetic alt-rock from outfits like New Radicals, slick Strokes-tinged arrangements, and Killers-esque artistry and flair, frontman Brennan Smiley’s gritty tenor struts with so much sass and swagger over the simmering backdrop provided by Sean Silverman’s razor-sharp guitar licks and Mike (Nico) Nicolette’s hard-hitting basslines.

From the steady drive of fuzzed-out opener “Neon Roses” to the banging garage rock of title track and closer “Metaphysical,” there’s no room to become a tuned-out complacent listener on this ride. Roll the windows down and crank up the barely controlled ruckus of “Lillies For Lily” (seriously, just try not to get fully involved when Smiley howls “I’ve got some lilies for my Lilaaaaaaay”), close your eyes and shake your hips to “Congratulations, You’re A Doll,” a cool jam with a disco inferno burning just beneath its surface, or bathe in the sparkle and shimmer of Sunset Strip club rocker “Little Charmer”—no matter where you go with Metaphysical, it’s always in the right direction. We just can’t get enough.

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