THANK THE GOOD LORD for Canadian punk quartet The OBGMs, their ferocious single “Torpedo,” and its accompanying mind-bending new video–a life-preserver thrown into the midst of the pop music ocean we’re drowning in over here. We’ll forever be grateful to The OBGMs for this heroic endeavor.
“Torpedo” is the first single off of the band’s debut album to be released for the first time internationally later this summer by Black Box. Interestingly enough, the group first emerged as a rap production duo in Toronto’s thriving hip hop scene. Soon after discovering the world of punk music, songwriter/guitarist/vocalist Densil McFarlane began teaching himself guitar, determined to create a band that fused the lyrical creativity of his hip hop roots and the rowdy, raw energy of the punk rock underground. Blending the worlds of 70s punk and 80s garage with elements of new wave, breakbeat and hip hop, The OBGMs brought an eclectic jolt of life into the Toronto punk scene, the same scene which has produced such notable bands such as Fucked Up, Metz, Pup and The Dirty Nil.
If your mind is foggy and your vision is blurry on this hot, humid summer midday, crank this one up to 11 and be prepared to pull a neck muscle. Give it a spin:

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