Air Traffic Controller—Echo Papa EP

There’s something so refreshing about bigass banging anthems, and Boston’s Air Traffic Controller knows exactly how to make ‘em. Their latest release, Echo Papa, follows up their acclaimed 2016 album Black Box, and features seven ocean-sized and electrified fist-pumpers that will not only make you move, but might also make you think. “All we can do is live in what time we’re given before you reach the end,” they sing, a reminder to appreciate what you have, in the EP’s second track “Live In”; the song is intricately layered with enormous effects and body-rocking beats. It’s delicious, y’all. Get your weekend started with this one.

Wrap your ears around “After Party”:

Mise en Scene—Still Life On Fire

Female-fronted 90s-insired alternative grunge with riot grrrl tendencies? Yes please! Winnipeg garage rock outfit Mise en Scene’s sophomore effort, Still Life On Fire, speaks directly to the soul, and scratches all the rock n’ roll itches. Backed by fuzzy guitar, and intensely driving bass and drums, frontwoman Stefanie Blondal Johnson can sing like an angel, scream like a banshee, and snarl like fang-baring wild animal. We can’t get enough.

Give album standout “Young Leo” a spin:

Kelly Hoppenjans–Dreaming Is Easy EP

Nashville songstress Kelly Hoppenjans oozes guile and intrigue with each of the five tracks on her new EP, Dreaming Is Easy; her rich, jazztastic vocals dance across reverb-y guitars, melodic basslines, and emotive keys will make you feel all the things, and call to mind Eo8 folk pop faves Wild Child–with a darker edge.

Listen to our favorite track, “Garden Of Little White Lies”:


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