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“I officially hardcore live in Nashville now, like went to the DMV to get a license plate and all of that, I’m super Nashville,” reveals Ruby the Rabbitfoot, who has also officially been hardcore touring her last album, Divorce Party, released in 2016 via Normaltown/New West Records. The eclectic pop songstress had previously been splitting her time between the Music City, Los Angeles, and southern music epicenter Athens, Georgia. “It’s awesome, I love it here. It means having a really nice quality of life. I can walk barefoot in my yard and it’s green and cold—you can’t do that in L.A., you’ll step on something disgusting,” she laughs.

“I resisted it for a long time, a lot of my friends moved here and I thought it would be too easy, and I have to do everything the hard way,” she admits. “When I got off my last long tour, the band I had taken with me was from Nashville, and we became such close friends. People are really nice to me here; there are seasons and you can have a back yard. I feel really happy. There are bunnies in my yard, lots of rabbit feet,” she laughs. “It’s a good sign.”

After many months, she will end her Nashville performance hiatus with a show for the hometown crowd on Wednesday, May 17th at local hang The 5 Spot. “This is my first show in Nashville in so long, I might be ‘Rusty the Rabbitfoot’,” she laughs. “I’m a little intimidated by Nashville, everyone’s such a good musician here; you know when you throw a party, hopefully your friends will come, but I always feel some pressure playing in the hometown. When you’re out playing and no one knows you, there’s a freedom in that,” she explains. While she is still playing the infectious earworms featured on Divorce Party, Ruby is excited to share the new music she’s been crafting. “It’s ultra-positive, the opposite of Divorce Party, like an actual party. No more writing about dudes and heartbreak, so that’s cool,” she says. “That’s the one rule.”

With a bill full of friends, including mesmerizing band Twin, Sad Baxter, who Ruby says are “excellent humans,” and Manrelic closing the festivities, Ruby promises that it’s not a show to miss. “When I got off my last tour, I needed a second,” she says. “But I’m back in the game.”

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