Austin-based glam-centric rock collective Sweet Spirit, on tour supporting their brand new album St. Mojo, brought its rowdy road show to the Music City recently, with a electrifying performance on The East Room’s stage. Few rock harder than this bunch; originally conceived with country music in mind, front folks Sabrina Ellis and Andrew Cashen quickly discovered country wasn’t their scene. “Andrew and I have always been into glam rock, though it was a 70s flash-in-the-pan genre. There were so many cool bands like The Sparks, and Gary Glitter, and Slade,” Ellis said in our recent chat, as she admitted that the pair have too much energy for country music. “When we play a show, we aren’t content to just go through the motions. After every show, we look like a wreck, drenched in sweat. Maybe we go off pitch a bit because we’re screaming, we’re very excitable,” she added. “That’s the glam element, you could probably transplant us into the 70s and we’d fit into that manic energy that was in the scene back then.”

If you missed the action, don’t fret! East of 8th was there to capture the frenzy in action, an experience we will likely never forget. Check out our stellar photos from the sidelines:

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[These spectacular shots were taken by the incomparable Mary Lee Palmer, you can see more of her genius on display at]

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