Violin virtuoso K Ishibashi, who creates glorious, heavenly music under the moniker Kishi Bashi, is riding the wave of success from his latest release, Sonderlust

When the time came to make a new album, Ishibashi found himself at a musical impasse, and constant touring had taken a heavy toll on his marriage and his family. As a result, he submerged himself in the creative process to make Sonderlust. The album shimmers, its sound inspires an almost involuntary sense of optimism, yet it was one forged through heartbreak. The record showcased somewhat of a departure sound-wise from his previous  releases, featuring a more groovy, electronic style. “I got really into some sample manipulation in the program called Ableton Live that a lot of electronic producers use,” he explains. “Once I decided that it was okay to not have a violin-centric album, I quickly dove into making new songs this way. Chris Taylor, the producer I worked with, helped me to keep things simple and to reaffirm my vision for the album. I was lucky enough to record my friend and legendary drummer Matt Chamberlain in his studio. I love working with talented people,” he adds. “It really helps me to push myself on my own creativity.”

 Now, with a renewed sense of spirit and an amazing record to prove it, Ishibashi is on tour spreading the light and love to the eager masses, and set to perform tonight at Nashville venue Basement East. “I love performing for people and to make my listeners happy, so touring, I see, is something that is part of my job,” he explains. “The responsibility to my fans is very important.  I just have to make sure that my family understands that. My wife gets mad when I drink too much and don’t call very much, which I’m working on!”

 “This album is straight from my soul,” he continues. “I questioned everything about what it means to love and desire—the difference between loving someone and being in love. I’m in a much better place now than I was when I was making the album,” he adds. “I’ve learned that with time, your heart can heal.”

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