Nashville singer/songwriter Elisabeth Beckwitt recounts her story of addiction in her ethereal track, “One More.” Beckwitt, who has maintained her sobriety for five years, seeks to provide insight into the painful fight that consumes the entire bodies and souls of those in the struggle. “This song came to me in a moment when I felt like my recovery process was failing,” she recalls. “Writing this song was a form of therapy; of unravelling the knots in my stomach and turning them into music instead of pain. Letting the emotions and melodies pour out of me helped me realize we are all much stronger than we believe.”

The video, produced by Vibe Nashville, is a continuous and fluid observation of dancer Therese Ronco in a Nashville warehouse, who expresses the battle of addiction through dance. “Therese has been a good friend of mine for about ten years, and was there for me through some of the darkest times,” Beckwitt explains. “For her to choreograph this project meant more to me than I could express. She created an incredibly raw and vulnerable contemporary piece that paired beautifully with the ballad.”

Aside from Beckwitt’s angelic vocals that invoke hope-tinged melancholy, poignant meaning can be found even in the video’s smallest details—the emptiness of the space and the physicality of the dance itself mirrors the lonely solitude and struggle of addiction. The sunlight shines through the warehouse windows and illuminates the floor, as the dance brings the performance into the sunshine, and in the next very moment, relegated to the shadows, as the dancer fights her way back to the light. Ronco’s identity is not the focal point of the video, her face frequently obscured by her long hair. Addiction itself is nameless, faceless, and impacts us all in some way.

Without further ado, East of 8th proudly presents “One More,” the stunning new video from Elisabeth Beckwitt:

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