From its opening build to its lingering final note, the latest offering from New York City indie rockers Born Cages sweeps us away on an synth-filled musical voyage. Exit Signs In A Burning Building is a delightfully symbiotic blend of frontman Vlad Holiday’s magical guitar work riding a wave of epic bass and keys from Matt Maroulakos; Holiday’s masterful production, with assistance from Justin Gerrish (Vampire Weekend and The Strokes) and Emily Lazar (Arcade Fire and the Killers) creates a seamless and shimmering sonic landscape filled with infectiously upbeat grooves that inspire even the most stoic listener to let loose and move with the beat.

While often touching on deeper meanings, album opener “Champions” is fist-pumping ode to what you (or I or we) can accomplish. With an attention-grabbing opening build and joyously upbeat synth-pop reminiscent of offerings from Walk the Moon, it’s the kind of song that makes your soul feel invincible.

The band’s moniker symbolizes Holiday’s views about the limits imposed on us by human nature and his reflections on defining and controlling life. It’s refreshing to hear the group lyrically build on their founding themes: “We’re all just trying to find some meaning in this world/We’re all just trying to find ourselves,” Holiday muses on the song “Half Asleep.” Showing their range, “Please Be Crazy” features dark bass and record-scratching synth effects, a perfect match to the slinky and dangerous sexiness of the lyrics.

Each track on Exit Signs is single-worthy and soundtrack-ready; with powerful, introspective lyrics paired with infectiously upbeat synth-rock, Born Cages dare you to move as they challenge you to search your soul.

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[This review was handcrafted with tender, loving care by the one and only George Maifair; you can catch up with him on Twitter–@georgemaifair.]

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