“By now I thought I’d have exactly what I wanted, but I don’t remember what I wanted it for,” sings Nashville-based songwriter Kiernan McMullan in “Want:Need,” the new single from his forthcoming album Baggage. “‘Want:Need’ is about a moment of clarity,” he explains. “It’s about reprioritizing what’s important in your life.” The indie powerhouse, who released his first record in 2008, has created his best work yet with Baggage, set for release on April 7th.

“In the bigger picture of the album Baggage, ‘Want:Need’ comes after a few years without much sense of stability or consistency,” he continues. “Late nights and months at a time on the road eventually ended in pneumonia and a lot of hazy memories. Living with strangers in bars and theaters for my entire 20’s caught up to me. Eventually a balance had to be struck. Real love came into focus for the first time, possibly, in forever. The person who came into my life quite literally saved it,” he adds. “In that moment some sort of penny dropped and I started actually trying to get out of my own way.” “Want:Need” features McMullan’s smooth-as-silk honey-dipped vocals gracefully carried along a rushing river of lyrical purpose and lush production. Prepare to fall in love with this one.

Without further ado, East of 8th proudly presents “Want:Need” by Kiernan McMullan:

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