“I made ‘In Motion’ with Japanese Wallpaper,” says the Australia-based Allday. “He’s a genius and a very sweet, gentle person, just like his music. After he began the instrumentation, it took me a long time to write the lyrics, I mean months. I would just leave it and then something would happen and I would know it could go in the song. So basically the song had to happen in real life before it happened in the song. When it came time to record I still hadn’t written the little pre-chorus rap part, but that came to me like a lightning bolt… ‘unsealed, congealed… holy shit nobody ever says congealed’ and that’s when I knew I had an OK song.”

An “OK song”? We think it’s an outstanding song around here! With its head-bobbing groove, upbeat feel, and Allday’s easy-like-Sunday-morning vocal tone, “In Motion” will make you dance and lift your spirits all day (see what we did there?), so don’t skip this one:


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