There’s something sparkly about Stelle Amor, and not just the tiny little jewels placed in the inner corners of her eyes; it’s something that emanates from inside of her, and something that comes through in her funk-inspired, soulful songs.

The Nashville-based chanteuse will release her self-titled debut EP soon, with a strong cast of characters accompanying her on the album, a roster which includes a stellar horn section and famed gospel group The McCrary Sisters. “It’s beautiful to have this first record finished,” she says. “I had a really big vision; I wanted to capture the rawness and realness of these songs. it’s all about the other people on the track, the musicians and the background vocalists really make it is what it is, they are mind-blowing, unbelievable players.”

A fine example of what’s to come is funktastic EP single, “Get Right” and its corresponding video, set in a local laundromat, starring a sassy and strutting Stelle Amor, her outstanding band, and a little boy who might possibly be one of the cutest kids on the planet. When closely considered, the laundromat is more a metaphor than it is a backdrop, a place where people of all walks of life converge to take care of business, much like Stelle Amor’s perspective and goal for her music. “Everyone has a purpose. My mission in this life is to sing my heart out,” she declares. “Music is so powerful—no matter your background, we can be unified in the groove. I’ve seen it time and time again at shows. It’s an amazing feeling to be able to bring people who don’t even know each other together and experience love in the melody of the moment. The world’s been really messed up lately,” she adds. “I’m not one to talk politics, love is the only way we’ll all be right.”

“I want to serenade the world. If my music can take that message to people, then that will be a dream come true. I think this record is the beginning of that,” she continues. “I want it to get people out of their day-to-day grind and help them get lost in a beautiful moment.”

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Stelle Amor Live:

March 08 – Nashville – Acme Road to Roo Competition

March 10 – Nashville – Little Harpeth Brewing

March 25 – Bowling Green, KY – High Top

March 31 – Nashville – The 5 Spot

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