“I’m not gonna sit and wait for life to come and find me on its own,” opines Cory Quintard of Nashville pop rock outfit Volunteer, in the band’s new single, “In The Unknown.”

“‘In The Unknown’ is kind of a personal mantra for me,” reveals Quintard of the single. “The concept of living your life with a sense of uncertainty and optimism about what’s to come is simple enough, but so many of us don’t actually ever try it. I used to hold in both of my hands the ideas that a) something great and exciting would happen someday, and b) that I should work on making life comfortable and being responsible,” he continues. “But, I think sometimes we need a little dose of irresponsible in order to let something new and exciting find us.”

Since 2015, Volunteer has been touring in support of their first EP The World Will Begin Again, sharing stages with Nashville favorites Civilian, Matt Hires, Liza Anne, Aaron Krause, Matthew Perryman Jones, and more. On April 7th, the band will release a new EP, The World Is Ours. “The EP chronicles the story of a relationship that’s personal to me. It moves from optimism to heartbreak to some profound realizations that were revealed to me through parts of my journey,” he explains. “Growing older gives you perspective that only comes through stepping out of your box, and then experiencing immense amounts of pain. This collection of songs fit together well for me personally, because they tell the hero story: leaving home, facing trials and heartbreak, and then finding more wholeness in the realization that it’s not really all about your story, but knowing where that story fits into something bigger.”

“In The Unknown” is a breath of fresh air—a fist-pumping anthem of hopeful optimism amidst a shower of shimmering guitar riffs, its percussive drive, piano flourishes, and celestial vocals tie the brilliant bow on the pop rock package. Without further ado, East of 8th proudly presents “In The Unknown” by Volunteer:

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