donovaneoShould you need a reminder of your humanity, open your ears and prepare your hearts for anything created by Polaris Music Prize nominee and veteran songcrafter Donovan Woods—his forthcoming EP, They Are Going Away, set for release on March 3rd via his own label, Meant Well, is a prime example. A follow-up and companion to his 2016 acclaimed album Hard Settle, Ain’t Troubled, the EP’s four songs take us on an emotional journey through love, loss, and reflection  

Woods never fails to draw us into his world—through his signature everyman-style lyrical poetry,  he bares his soul, and invites us to participate. His hushed vocals beckon us to come closer and listen attentively to the stories he wants to share. In less than 14 minutes, Woods entices us to willingly hand him our hearts, put them through the ringer, and be forever changed. We are better for it.

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