Some people find their way to music, others were born into it. For Nashville-based songstress Masha, music is her birthright. Born in Latvia and raised in New Jersey, the singer’s family had music at its core.

“My family is a lot of fun; my dad is a musician from a family of musicians, and they had a band growing up; he also toured a lot with an international artist named Laima,” she explains. “We’d have family get togethers and eat all day, and it would always end in people picking up instruments and playing and singing. Music was always a part of my life,” she adds. “My family has always been supportive of me pursuing music as a career. I can’t imagine where I’d be with out that support.”

Masha started her journey as a child, with formal vocal training beginning at the ripe old age of 11. By her freshman year of high school, she had her first production deal, and while other kids were hanging out after school, she was taking the bus into New York City to train and record. “I moved to Brooklyn for a few years, and started coming to Nashville about five years ago to work with producers in town quite a bit,” she recalled. “I knew I wanted to end up here; I needed a change of scenery.” Frustrated by the lack of support for emerging artists in the City and ready for a new adventure, she packed her bags and made the move to Nashville.

“I’ve been writing more here, everyone here is doing the same thing. My perspective has changed too; it’s competitive in a good way,” she admits. “People in Nashville go to shows and support local music.The crowds are different too—New York crowds are rowdy, you never know what you’re going to get. Here in Nashville, people are respectful and quiet, which actually took some getting used to,” she laughs. “It was reverse culture shock.” She recalls one such instance, when performing at legendary writers’ haven The Bluebird Cafe. “You could have heard a pin drop. I thought, ‘Am I doing a bad job?’ Everyone was so quiet,” she recalls. “There’s an energy in that room, so many greats have played in that little room. It’s like home, you don’t want to leave it.”

Masha, who has plans to release an album this year, will perform at a Nashville-focused showcase at this year’s SXSW in Austin, Texas—but, if there are no travel plans in your immediate future, you can witness her powerful voice and multifaceted talent in person at The High Watt on Saturday, February 11th. “I’m constantly working on new material. I’m a Gemini, a very emotional person, so I have a lot to write about,” she says with a laugh. “Music is it. I really can’t do anything else.”

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