Rocker Ron Gallo, who relocated his frenetic style and his giant curly hair to the Music City last year, has strong opinions about the state of cultural affairs. “It’s like everyone’s asleep these days, we’re all distracted, we’ve become drones, looking at screens, not thinking for ourselves. We are the problem, we just need to take responsibility and go forward. I think it’s weird that more people don’t have something to say. For me, it comes from a a pissed-off place, a place of darkness presented in a constructive way, but still in good humor,” he said to us in our interview with him last year. “I’m trying to assault humanity, it’s the only thing I really get excited about anymore.”

The revolutionary Gallo, whose motto is “Rock n’ roll isn’t dead…you are,” is on a mission to hack away at the hazy mess of our over-medicated society to reach the truth, no matter what it takes, using his platform as an artist to wake up the masses and effect change. His new album, HEAVY META, set for release on February 3rd via New West Records, features Gallo’s frank observations as he calls out ridiculousness–he recently performed two of these songs live just for us: “Why Do You Have Kids?,” about the time he saw a mother’s cigarette ash falling onto her child’s head in a stroller, and “All The Punks Are Domesticated,” which is about, well, the domestication of punks.

Without further ado, East of 8th presents an exclusive performance from Ron Gallo. Prepare to get woke.


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