“Just because it won’t come easily, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try,” sings London-based artist Bruno Major in his swoon-worthy new single “Easily”. The song is the fourth in his current 12-month long release project, a process which Major calls “a catharsis”; “I want to put music out, a song every month, for the rest of my artistic career, until I have nothing left to say. I just want a body of work that I’m proud of,” he explains. “That’s it.”

“Easily”, written on a hazy August afternoon in Silver Lake, Los Angeles–the sultriness of Major’s vocals and inflection, combined with the laid-back swagger of the tune absolutely evokes imagery of a hot summer day spent being in love and pondering a romantic relationship. Growing up in Northampton, but now living in London, Major considers himself a jazz musician at heart, and names greats like Cole Porter and Ella Fitzgerald as his heroes.

With a full album of material of his own set to be unfurled over the coming months, Bruno Major is a name to keep on your radar-until then, give “Easily” a spin:

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