On November 4th, Afterlife Parade frontman Quinn Erwin will unleash “Ours for the Taking”, the latest single in his solo series, Initiation, his ode to adulting. With this solo project, Erwin’s message is clear: there’s a big world out there ready for change, and it’s up to this generation to wake up and make it happen.

“My goal with Initiation was to write a whole project of singles that people would want to sing with me and have a great time. I feel like ‘Ours for the Taking’ is probably the strongest of the batch,” Erwin explains. “I co-wrote this song with my friend (and one time band mate) Holley Maher. I knew I wanted it to be an anthem, and I wanted it to describe the moment that many of us have when we’re looking in the mirror wondering about our dreams and deciding that the most responsible adult thing we can do is to take the risk of pursuing them. Maybe that is when the world starts to change a little for the better inside ourselves and around us. I’m grateful that Holley helped to refine and shape that idea into what ‘Ours for the Taking’ became.”

Erwin is an accomplished creator, writer, and musician; his band Afterlife Parade has garnered song placements on outlets like MTV, Hulu, and The Travel Channel, has received  airplay and rotation love from Nashville independent radio bastion Lightning  100, and participated in the 2015 Van’s Warped Tour. He has shared stages with The Smashing Pumpkins, The Flaming Lips, Spoon, and many others, and started the artist development conglomerate Watermain Creative to help young artists become better artists.

“Ours for the Taking” is a foot-stomping, fist-pumping, pop rock anthem, featuring Erwin’s soaring vocals encouraging us towards dream-wielding world domination. “No more waiting, no more hesitating, this world is ours for the taking”…and without further ado, East of 8th is proud to premiere “Ours for the Taking” by Quinn Erwin:


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