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Brothers Robert and David Perlick-Molinari, who perform together as electro-funk band French Horn Rebellion, can do it all—David produces for bands like MGMT and owns a Brooklyn-based studio while Robert, formerly a member of the Chicago Civic Orchestra, is also a producer and sought-after master of remix for artists like Sia and Beyonce. In fact, when I spoke with Robert recently, he had just put the final touches on an official and yet-unreleased remix for one of my favorite indie pop outfits. Swoon.

In addition to all of their above-listed endeavors, the band has been busy making music and performing. “I must’ve done 20 DJ sets this summer alone. I played clubs, opened on tours, I was even in Nashville DJ’ing a French Horn Rebellion fan’s wedding this summer,” says Robert. “I mean, how often does that happen? It was crazy”

On October 10th, they performed the first show of their bi-coastal release celebration for French Horn Rebellion’s brand new album, Classically Trained, which comes out on October 14th via Ensemble Records. The aptly-named LP pays homage to the brothers’ conservatory training,  winks at their high school marching band days, and is a straight-up injection of sunshine in the midst of the dark chaos swirling around us at this moment in history. “It’s always the goal to make an album that’s unique to who we are, the most french horn-y, most ridiculous, most fun thing we can create,” says Robert with a laugh (especially after he utters the words “french horn-y”). “French Horn Rebellion is an expression of who we are as people, which, as you know, is goofy, offbeat, and a little weird. We like to have fun and maintain a positive attitude. Everyone’s geeky, you know? We just have to embrace the geekiness.”

Robert promises that there’s more french horn than ever and even a little bassoon on Classically Trained; the brothers broke with tradition this time as well—instead of collaborating with bands like St. Lucia to provide featured vocals, the pair sings on 12 of the album’s 13 tracks. “We sing during our live shows, and we’ve been developing this vocal style which is unique to us. I’ve accepted the fact that I sort of sound like Michael McDonald,” laughs Robert.  “We named one of our songs after him.” In fact, French Horn Rebellion freely acknowledges the album’s Yacht Rock influences, tipping their proverbial captain’s hats to the genre in tracks like “Second Opinion” and “Oh Sarah!”

With a tour in the works, new videos out now and more on the way, and an 80’s-infused funktastic record to present, French Horn Rebellion is ready for world domination. “We’re really excited,” says Robert. “We hope everyone digs it.”


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