Dreamers_-_This_Album_Does_Not_ExistLos Angeles-based pop rock trio DREAMERS released their long-awaited debut LP today, This Album Does Not Exist, via Fairfax Recordings.  I myself was beginning to wonder if the album really did not exist, but DREAMERS comes in clutch with twelve tasty rock-tastic morsels.

This Album Does Not Exist is not a collection of sentimental love songs; the album is a carefree party soundtrack from cover to cover, and DREAMERS thrusts their flag in the ground with searing fist-pumper “DRUGS”, a tongue-in-cheek anthem for our Millenial friends. This track is infectious, and there have been many times when it’s been cranked up to 11 in the car with me singing “We do it for the drugs/We can never get enough..And we’re gonna get higher and higher and higher” at the top of my lungs. If you know me, that mental image is really funny. If you don’t know me, courtesy laughs are always appreciated.

The energy never wanes in this sexy smorgasbord of songs about dancing at parties, processing morning after awkwardness, lust, love, and the excitement of attraction; the gritty bass lines keep the electric train on the track, while furiously-executed drumming that could set off car alarms in the tri-county area and smoking, fiery guitar work make listening a total end-of-summer treat for your eardrums.

A luminous debut for DREAMERS, This Album Does Not Exist is sure to become a genre touchstone.

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