Nashville trio Natural Child will release Okey Dokey, their latest full-length and the band’s first new music in two years, on September 16th via their new label, Natural Child Records and Tapes.

Natural Child has cultivated the classic sounds that have defined their roots through the decades. From the reflective, easy-lifer, Muscle Shoals-era Stones to the twangy hyperactivity of Wilco’s A.M., Natural Child fully utilizes the versatility of their genre – they play oldie-goldie rock for anyone anywhere in any situation (substance fueled or not).

Zach, Wes, Seth, and Benny have created something unique and exciting with Okey Dokey, thoughtfully tapping into and re-envisioning a timeless sound and honoring its birthplace. With Okey Dokey, Natural Child says come on in – give us your tired, your weak, your poor; give us your rockers and rollers and grimy punks and suburban cowboys. Get down how you wanna get down.

Get a preview of what’s to come with easy-going organ-infused rambler “Sure Is Nice”:

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