Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 3.37.11 PMThere’s so much music constantly swirling about nowadays, it’s rare at times to run across a band who makes you sit up and take notice, whose innovative sound has the ability to cut through all the noise and stand firmly and noticeably on its own. That band is Ohio synth-pop outfit Kid Runner, and that sound can be found on their new EP, Body Language, out today.

Body Language begins with a bang; fist-pumping summertime anthem “Give Me Something To Love” does just exactly what it demands—you can’t helped but be reeled in from the first notes of its groovy bass intro. Not to be outdone, second track “Don’t Change Me” is a body-rocker in its own right, with some Twenty-One Pilots-esque spoken vocal inspiration thrown in for freshly relevant good measure. The entire six-track EP is noteworthy, each song is a sonic standout; their effortless blend of synth-y effects with rock instrumentation is like a cool drink of water in the dog days of this unending summer. Lift your spirits and do your ears a favor—add this one to your rotation.


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Aug 26  Columbus OH – Skullys Music Diner (Tix)
Sep 20  Detroit MI – El Club (Tix)
Sep 22  Pittsburg PA – Cattivo (Tix)
Sep 24  Philadelphia PA – Milkboy (Tix)
Sep 26  New York, NY – Mercury Lounge (Tix)
Sep 30  Cleveland OH – Beachland Ballroom (Tix)
Oct 01   Grand Rapids MI – The Pyramid Scheme (Tix)

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