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Anonymously-fronted emerging pop band Republican Hair makes 80s-tinged tunes with a playful smirk; rumor has it that the band’s voice and fearless leader is Luke Dick, a highly sought-after songwriter in my neck of the woods who is the mastermind behind popular cuts on albums by Eric Church, Charlie Worsham, and Dierks Bentley, to name a few. Now, I do not subscribe to the cult of “bro country”, in fact, it makes me nauseous. Even so, I’d gladly give Luke Dick a pass because I Don’t Care, the new EP from the aforementioned Republican Hair out now, is magically delicious.

Covering subjects ranging from the apocalypse to the joys of nudity, the album conjures colorfully computerized Max Headroom-esque images and showcases the frenetic energy and sass that were touchstones of bands like The Cars and The Clash. Even the band’s faceless logo hearkens back to President Reagan’s signature coif (but, let’s be real, the only thing that unites both sides of the aisle these days is the poor hairstyling of politicos from all parties).

With only six songs to consider, each one is a standout; my personal favorites include the groove-tastic “Don’t Be A Drag”, (as that phrase is one I utter on the daily, and I’m relieved that someone else in this world doesn’t take himself or herself so seriously), and the foot-stomping energy of “London Swings” with its Duran Duran-like anthemic chorus. Really though, each track on I Don’t Care will easily please and tickle the fancies of even the hardest to please. Republican Hair, you’ve got my vote.

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