Blog favorite Canadian indie pop band, The Zolas, have released an interactive 360° live video* for their hit single,“Swooner”, that  allows the viewer to toggle their viewpoint around the screen throughout the video.

The song opens with a strong rocky riff, but soon transforms into ‘80s- inspired pop bliss, with a highly addictively striking chorus filled with hooks after hooks after hooks. Their retro sonic tour de force is effortlessly combined with the modern indie/ disco/ rock energetic feel of Bloc Partygiving us just a taste of The Zolas’ fresh and youthful burst of creative energy.

The video features The Zolas performing ‘Swooner’ live at Monarch Studios in Vancouver, BC.

Be sure to check out their tour schedule, they kick off a North American tour with Yukon Blonde next week in San Diego.  Have mercy.

*360° video playback will not work on Safari. Make sure you use Firefox, Chrome, or a mobile device!


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