Following the release of his latest EP, Jade, and his and EZA’s cover of Cam’s “Burning House” that reached the Spotify Viral 50 the week of its release, Nashville electronic/pop artist Aaron Krause played to the hometown crowd at The High Watt on March 3rd, with Nashville singer/songwriter Jillian Edwards providing opening support.

Jade was self-produced at Krause’s Nashville studio, and features the songwriter/producer on vocals, piano, synth, keys, and drums. Partially co-written with Nathan Spicer, guitarist for worldwide pop star Katy Perry, Jade came together in the late hours of the night after Krause had wrapped up his daytime gig as a producer for Nashville-based artists like Erin McCarley, Amy Stroup, and Liza Anne. Originally from Ballwin, MO, Krause relocated to Nashville to study music, and has built a career producing for other artists, as well as releasing his own projects.

If you missed the fun at The High Watt, don’t fret! East of 8th was there and captured the moments just for you, beloved readers.  Check it out:

20160303-East of 8th

20160303-East of 8th-7

20160303-East of 8th-8

20160303-East of 8th-9

20160303-East of 8th-10

20160303-East of 8th-11

20160303-East of 8th-12

20160303-East of 8th-13

20160303-East of 8th-15

20160303-East of 8th-16

20160303-East of 8th-17

20160303-East of 8th-18

20160303-East of 8th-19

20160303-East of 8th-20

20160303-East of 8th-21

20160303-East of 8th-22

[These amazing photos were taken by the incomparable Ryan Kanaly.  You can see more of his genius on display at ryansmallhands.com.]

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