East of 8th is proud to premiere A Rival, the gritty debut EP from Nashville-based blues rock power trio, Down Boy.   Smooth grooves contrast with hot jams, spatial sequences, and raw crunch to form their unique sound.  Of the four-song EP, the band says, “When you realize that you are getting older, the mind thinks thoughts that you thought you’d never think. Life isn’t exactly what you imagined it to be. You start to see life for its painful beauty, a quick opportunity to make it all worthwhile. Every second is precious, so we decided to make music while we can. These songs are our reflections on ‘life’.”

The group, comprised of Nathan Aronowitz (vocals, guitar, harmonica, keys), Grayson Schemers (bass, vocals), and Noah Miller (drums, percussion), draws inspiration for their songs from the alien nature of the college experience–dark temptation, constant pressure, the unknown future; Down Boy complements its unique sound with daunting situations that every student must face, allowing the music to act as a looking glass into the emotional roller coaster that we call “youth”.  As pressure falls, as fear takes over, as love culminates and as emotions run wild, we all sometimes need to stop and say to ourselves “down boy”.


Don’t miss out on the pure listening pleasure of A Rival, y’all.


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