Los Angeles-based indie-rock band, Water District, has released their latest single, “Come Down.”

Opening with a clean and full guitar lick reminiscent of The Strokes, “Come Down” jumps straight into an up-tempo swing, balancing riveting rock textures with the anguish of fading love. As the title suggests, “Come Down” depicts the phase of a relationship when the honeymoon phase is over and the writing is on the wall. “The lyrics range from the struggle of being young, heartbreak, social inequality and our favorite past times growing up,” the band says regarding their catalogue of work. Through the relatable lines, “she’s looking for a way out and I’m looking for a way to make her stay,” the song illustrates the painful frustration of an eclipsing relationship as the narrator struggles to accept its end. Though the content is somber, “Come Down” is anchored by the band’s anthemic and harmonious musicianship, softening the message of disappointment.

Water District works relentlessly, with an intense drive and passion to produce new material all the time. “Come Down” proves yet again that they have mastered the ability to seize attention with addicting rock hooks that resonate long after the first listen.

Check out “Come Down” here:



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