THE EAST OF 8TH TOP 15 OF ’15: “Bros” – Wolf Alice

It’s that time of year again; the needles have all fallen off of the Christmas trees, wayward tinsel drifting like tumbleweeds down the path from the front door to the curb.  The dreidels have stopped spinning, the itchy scarves have been regifted, and folks are finally in recovery from their food comas.  While it’s customary to set our sights on what’s ahead, I’d like to take the time to celebrate and commemorate the music that rocked our world in 2015.  There were so many amazing albums bursting at their digital seams with swoon-worthy sonic selections, I’ve chosen 15 of the best alternative songs from this year, listed in no particular order, and if you dig them, you should definitely take a listen to the records from whence they came.

London-based alt-rock outfit Wolf Alice released their debut EP, My Love Is Cool, this FullSizeRender.jpgyear to rave reviews; my favorite offering on the record, “Bros”, is a toe-tapping tribute to best friends everywhere.  “Remember when we cut our hair/Both looked like boys but we didn’t care/Stick it out together like we always do/Oh, there’s no one, there’s no one quite like you” sings Ellie Roswell in her ethereally dreamy voice, as visions of the unfortunate  kindergarten-era pageboy haircuts my friends and I endured catapult from my memory (I’ve provided a picture for you), bringing with it so many smiles.  Go ahead and try not to love this song, I dare you.



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