THE EAST OF 8TH TOP 15 OF ’15: “The Business of Emotion” – Big Data

The next song on the list is from blog favorite Big Data‘s debut album, 2.0, released earlier this year.  Big Data, a.k.a. producer Alan Wilkis, enraptured the  universe with his first big hit, “Dangerous”, a commentary on the dangers of electronic voyeurism.   He is successfully riding the “paranoid electronic music” wave he created, but told me that says he doesn’t see Big Data as a band in perpetuity: “It’s such a specific concept, there’s going to be a point where I don’t want to keep writing songs about this stuff, but I want to explore it while I think it’s interesting.”  

I certainly think it’s interesting, and I totally fell in love with “The Business of Emotion” featuring White Sea, a single from 2.0 that begins with some heavy-hitting electro-drumming, and breaks out into a full-fledged dance floor anthem.  Furthering the “paranoid electronic music” message, this ditty explores the idea that the public is spied upon and the information gathered is used to force people to have feelings about things in order to exploit those emotions for monetary gain.  You know how you can search for something at a store online, and then you can go to another website but the thing that you were searching for first pops up in an ad on the side of the new webpage?  Yeah, that.


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