Bluesy Brooklyn-based band People Vs. Larsen is preparing to release their second album in January; the trio, comprised of Tom Larsen (vocals/guitar), David Tedeschi (drums), and Dylan Shamat (bass), is making a name for themselves in their hometown of New York City and getting radio airplay in Los Angeles; three of their songs are also featured on the winter Starbucks playlist, tickling your ears and warming your soul as you get your daily caffeine fix.  To get you ramped and ready for their forthcoming record, the band is releasing some brand new videos for your viewing pleasure.

“Stay All Night”, written by the great bluesman Junior Kimbrough, is a band favorite; “He has inspired a lot of our own original music; his music is all about groove as it was often performed in juke joints by Kimbrough himself.  This is a tune we begin a lot of our shows with because it helps to establish an energy and anticipation for us and the audience,” explains  drummer Tedeschi.  The song was recorded at Stone Studio in Connecticut, and filmed with one camera in one take by the amazing Bart Cortright, and gives the viewer a sense of People Vs. Larsen’s live performance experience.

You’re going to watch this video more than once, y’all, and if you’re viewing it in public, be prepared to attract a crowd.  It’s that good.

Without further ado, East of 8th presents “Stay All Night” by People Vs. Larsen:

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