Escapism: (noun) “the tendency to seek distraction and relief from unpleasant realities, especially by seeking entertainment or engaging in fantasy.”

Written while Castelcomer lead-singer Bede was working in a boarding house for men with schizophrenia, “Escapism” is a reflection on the human necessity to find ways to escape every-day life.

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Castlecomer have been doing things the old fashioned way since their inception in 2012. Hitting the road in their beat up Tarago, the band took The Beatles “Hamburg” approach to touring, playing approximately 500 shows across Australia over 3 years.

Constantly touring built the band a dedicated fan base and enabled them to craft and hone their live show – leading them to sell out 4 headline tours including several Oxford Art Factories, play several festivals including Secret Garden and a 4,000 strong crowd at Woodford Folk Festival in 2014, and supported a swathe of awesome Australian bands including Art Vs Science, Kingswood, Husky, and The Griswolds. During this time they released their “Lone Survivor EP”, and the “Miss December EP”which they recorded with Tony Buchen (The Preatures, Thelma Plum, Loon Lake), which gave them a great start at community radio nationally with rotation singles “Fugitive” and “Miss December”.

Since that fateful night, Castlecomer have spent the best part of 2015 writing and demoing for their debut album, spending time in the studio with both Scott Horscroft (Birds of Tokyo, Empire of the Sun, Little Red) and Jean-Paul Fung (Last Dinosaurs, Art Vs Science, Client Liaison). The first single “Fire Alarm” and new single “Escapism” are both a product of this collaboration.

Check out the brand new video for “Escapism” here, and be sure clear a space around you to dance, because you won’t be able to stop yourself:

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