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I caught up recently with Nick Wold, frontman for indie rock band DREAMERS, on a rare day off.  I last connected with the group in March of this year, the last time they played the Music City, and a lot has happened since then–they’ve toured with Stone Temple Pilots, Young Rising Sons and Hunter Hunted, played shows with Atlas Genius and Airborne Toxic Event, endured a lineup change, and recorded their debut album.  Even typing that wore me out, but DREAMERS? Not fazed.  “We’ve been working really hard, but I wouldn’t say it’s been hard on us,” says Wold. “We’ve having a really good time, it’s really exciting and invigorating.”

This is a band that makes lemonade from life’s lemons.  Do they literally make lemonade? Who knows, but they take what comes their way in stride, making the best of some not-so-great situations, to continue to bring their magical music to the masses. “We were on tour for a month with Stone Temple Pilots in the middle of a three month tour.  At the beginning of the tour with them, our van broke down in a completely unfixable way.  My dad bailed us out and let us use his old Volvo; we bought a trailer and just trailed that thing around behind the Volvo for the whole month,” recalls Wold. “Chester [Bennington] from Linkin Park was singing for Stone Temple Pilots at that time. He took pity on us and bought us hotel rooms for the entire month.  That whole band was really great to us, as openers, which isn’t always the case.  They’re really amazing people.”

DREAMERS has also picked up a new drummer, Jacob Wick–the band announced a couple of weeks ago on their Facebook page that they’d amicably parted ways with former drummer, Chris Bagamery: “I’ve been friends with Chris since high school, we go way back.  I think with the heavy touring schedule, his heart wasn’t in it as much, so we had to hush-hushly find another drummer.  We met Jacob through another artist on our label, he  really helped us out, learned our music really fast.  He’s amazing. We’re stoked to have everyone happy,” Wold says.

Wold also assures me that their full length is on the way, possibly for release this spring.   “We recorded the album at Sound City Studios, which is now called Fairfax, which for us was amazing, some of our favorite albums, like from Nirvana and Rage Against The Machine and Neil Young, were recorded there.  We definitely felt inspiration from that, it made us want to do our best all the time,” declares Wold, adding, “We’re super happy with the album, it’s the most exciting project we’ve been a part of, and we’re eagerly practicing and getting ready to play it live.  We’ll be playing just about all the new unreleased songs on the tour.”  The band just released “Shooting Shadows”, a groovy tune dripping with some dirty bass work, the first single from the album.  Wold says more singles are coming in January, but how many and which ones are top secret.  Be on the lookout for a new DREAMERS video that will premiere Thursday, December 3rd.

The trio is now on the road, headed back to some familiar places, and playing some new spots on this run.  Wold says they’ve got a long year of touring ahead of them, which includes stops at festivals like SXSW.  If you’re close to Nashville, the boys will be playing a local venue The End on Tuesday, December 8th, with opening support from Sound & Shape, Us & Them, and Spirit Animal.  Tickets for the 18+ show are only $10.00!  “But Susan,” you say, “buying a ticket would seriously impact my Christmas budget.”  Well friends, it’s your lucky day! I have not one, but THREE pairs of tickets to give away to see DREAMERS–the contest ends at noon CST on Monday, December 7th, so enter to win now!



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