Y’all. The Lonely Wild blew the roof off of The Mercy Lounge recently, and I couldn’t get enough.  The band opened the festivities with their high-octane declaration of love “Everything You Need;” the energy never waned–the band’s lush vocal harmonies, superb instrumentation (those dualing trumpets absolutely slay me), and charismatic stage presence gave my goosebumps goosebumps.  The crowd was dancing all night; the band played selections from previous releases, and some from their newest album due out in October, Chasing White Light. The last song of the evening, “Buried In The Murder,” a Spaghetti western-style barn burner, elicited the most fantastic response from the audience, the front row was seriously on their knees.  Have mercy!  You bowled me over, The Lonely Wild! Come back soon!

Ryan KanalyRyan Kanaly Ryan Kanaly Ryan Kanaly Ryan Kanaly Ryan Kanaly Ryan Kanaly Ryan Kanaly Ryan Kanaly Ryan Kanaly

(These photographs were provided by the amazing Ryan Kanaly; check out more of his genius on display on IG: @ryansmallhands.)

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