Supergroup Diamond Rugs performed at Mercy Lounge in Nashville recently, supported by Athens, Georgia-based New Madrid, and Nashville’s own Justin Collins.

Justin Collins’ unique musical stylings garnered lots of support from the hometown crowd; New Madrid’s brand of vibe-y psychedelic rock, and all of their glorious hair, had us all entranced during their atmospheric and energetic set.

Diamond Rugs took the stage and declared that since most of them have kids now, that they call their music “dad rock;” well, call it what you want, but I’m going to call it fantastic.  From their first song, the bouncy and groovy “Voodoo Doll,” with its catchy guitar riff and gritty baritone sax, to the very end of their set, it’s undeniable that Diamond Rugs embody that rebellious and raucous, yet authentically genuine, rock n’ roll spirit that comes only after seasons of life and experience.  Dad rock? Works for me.

Austin-036-May 07, 2015

Austin-030-May 07, 2015

Austin-033-May 07, 2015

Austin-018-May 07, 2015 Austin-020-May 07, 2015 Austin-021-May 07, 2015 Austin-022-May 07, 2015 Austin-024-May 07, 2015 Austin-025-May 07, 2015 Austin-017-May 07, 2015Photographs courtesy of the genius that is Ryan Kanaly on behalf of East of 8th (IG portfolio: @ryansmallhands).

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