It’s that time of year; it’s brutally cold, I’m kind of over it, and I’m looking for any and everything that will transport, if not all of me, at least my mind, to a warmer place.  Not too long ago, Oxford, Mississippi-based foursome Young Buffalo and their debut LP House came into my life and turned my gloominess into gladness.  I just knew I simply HAD to share this slice of sunshine with you, beloved readers.

House is 11 tracks of indie pop/rock revelry; I can honestly attest that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every song on the album, but I do have a few favorites.  “No Idea,” with its plinky piano intro and lush harmonies, is guitar-driven and peppy, while the title track, “House,” reminds me of lazy summer days and sunny breezes filtering through open windows (I told you, it transported me…).  “Pill” is laid-back and groovy, sporting a solid bass line and dreamy high register guitar riffs, with a ridiculously catchy chorus that is constantly running though my head.

The dance-inducing “Sykia” was the first Young Buffalo song I heard, and the one that hooked me and reeled me in; the track was inspired by frontman Jim Barrett’s experience while visiting a beach village in Greece that culminated in one of the best parties he’s ever attended.  The album’s final song, “Beat Back” is another groover; I totally dig the crystalline toy piano intro as Jim Barrett and Ben Yarbrough, in their beautiful harmonies, tell us to “beat back the things you can’t control;” advice taken, y’all…I’m beating back my winter doldrums with Young Buffalo.

House comes out on March 3rd, but you can stream it until then via SPIN.


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