“Little Surfer Girl,” by Pennsylvania-based band and hair product enthusiasts, The Yetis, had me bobbing my head as soon as I hit ‘play;’ its lo-fi surf-y sound, reminiscent of The Vaccines, The Drums, and Surfer Blood, sends me to a warmer place (thank goodness, because it’s freezing in Tennessee right now).  The Yetis were kind enough to answer some questions for us:

Eo8:  How did The Yetis become a band?

TY:  We met in school and noticed we all shared similar taste in great hair products. We were best friends first and then we started a band called The Yetis.

Eo8:  Pennsylvania isn’t exactly a surfing destination; what inspired your surf rock sound?

TY:  We were rehearsing our non-surf songs in a garage attic with no heating last winter, warming our hands in front of a kerosene heater just so we could play our instruments.  We were kinda sad about how cold we were and so we decided to write a song. Naturally, we just started to dream about surfing and ‘Little Surfer Girl’ came out.

Eo8:  So do you consider yourselves a ‘surf rock’ band? If not, describe your music for the uninitiated.

TY:  No, definitely not. We have only written 3 “surf rock” songs – ‘Little Surfer Girl,’ ‘Warm California,’ and a new one that will be released soon.  They just happened because we like to dream about adventure and girls and surfing sometimes.  The rest of our music is just simple pop love songs.

Eo8:  What/who are you listening to these days?

TY:  Iceage, Chuck Berry, Serge Gainsbourg, Buddy Holly, The Beatles, Arctic Monkeys

Eo8:  Is there a tour in your future? Any hints on where you’ll play?

TY:  Definitely! We want to tour out west and then go to Europe.

Eo8:  Is there an LP forthcoming? Any details you can share?

 TY:  Our next project is most likely going to be a 3-song EP!

Eo8:  Do The Yetis have any interesting pre-show rituals or crazy show stories?

TY:  We don’t have any pre-show rituals, yet.  Hopefully in the near future our pre-show ritual will involve champagne, warm towels and groupies.  This one time at a show our drummer, Patrick, did a 30-second-keg stand, and lead guitarist/singer, Christian, was hooking up with a girl, all while playing a pretty good rendition of “Warm California”.

Eo8:  What kinds of excitement can we expect from The Yetis’ live performance?

TY:  Probably Patrick doing a 60-second long keg stand and Christian hooking up with two girls while playing an almost-perfect rendition of “Little Surfer Girl”.

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