Soul music is coming back, and so is Caleb Hawley! YAY!

I sat down with him for an interview when he was in town back in the spring; we caught up again on the phone the other day, such a sweetheart, and so incredibly talented!  If you missed the show the last time he played Nashville, like I did (don’t judge me), you (and I) have another chance.

With his Side 2 EP hot off the presses in September (he released Side 1 earlier this year), Caleb is on tour with his band now, and performing at The High Watt in Nashville TOMORROW NIGHT!  I AM SO EXCITED!! You should come with me!  Can’t make it to the Music City? Don’t fret! You can catch him in Knoxville, TN  on October 11th, NYC on November 4th, and Hawley, PA on November 8th.

Even though he’s touring to support Side 2, Caleb says he’ll be playing some yet-to-be-released songs at the show…if you haven’t listened to his music yet, you need to spice up your life, scroll down to the Spotify link below, and hit that ‘play’ button.  Caleb is an award-winning songwriter, a dedicated performer, and his music deliciously funky.  Funkalicious? I’ll take it.

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