Beloved readers, allow me to introduce you to Buddy.


I have had his recently-released album on pretty constant rotation lately.  You should definitely give it a listen, it sounds like Death Cab For Cutie and The Shins had a summer fling that resulted in the creation of this dreamy ray of musical sunshine and named it the Last Call For The Quiet Life LP.  Buddy’s music just makes all my insides smile.


The Portland-born/Los Angeles-based troubadour (who assures me that “Portlandia” is a pretty accurate depiction of his hometown) was mainly an acoustic solo performer until he broke his arm before an opening gig a few years ago…as it is difficult to play guitar with only one hand, he enlisted the help of friends to perform with him so could keep his opening commitment.  Dedication? I’d say so.  I’d also call it the collaborative key that unlocked and opened the door that illuminated the path leading him to a beautiful writing partnership with fellow music-maker and producer Will Golden, and now we have this album I can’t stop listening to.   And I’m not sure I could have fit too many more words in that sentence.

Now Buddy is a musical collective of sorts, helmed by Buddy the person.  “Oh Susan,” you say, “I must experience Buddy with my very own two eyes and ears!” and to that I would say, “Me too!”  Luckily, he has been doing some traveling, and will be playing an acoustic show at 3rd & Lindsley with Meiko in the Music City on Saturday, October 4th.  Come with me!

Can’t make it to my neighborhood by Saturday? Don’t fret! He will be performing in Athens, Georgia at The Melting Point TONIGHT and at Eddie’s Attic in Decatur, Georgia on Thursday, October 2nd.

Here’s a link to Last Call For The Quiet Life to improve your day!

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