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Nashville chanteuse Heather Bond’s newly released LP The Mess We Created is an eclectic collection of songs that range from to disco-tinged ditties to subdued synth-pop—you may ask, “Is there even such a thing as subdued synth-pop?” And our answer to you, gentle reader, is emphatically yes. 

But first things first…on this album, her first full-length solo release since 2015, Bond invites us to embark the album’s journey with “Fountain Of Youth,” a dreamscape where she gently pulls back the curtain and beckons us to join her in a different realm. This sentiment is carried into the second track on the album, “The Mirage.” Throughout this alternate world fashioned by Bond, she makes lyrical references to imagery that gives us a glimpse into a process of personal growth set to song.

“Dream, what’s my biggest dream…Change, what we gonna change?” she ponders in “Ich Weiss Nicht” (German for “I Don’t Know”), while in “The World Is Ending,” there’s an urgency to seize opportunities. With “PoliSci,” she poetically tackles political disunity and taking responsibility for our actions; in “Going Going” she examines her own individuality against the whole, singing, “We are moving parts of the big machine. And we weigh our worth by the images we see.”

Though the tracks present a variety of styles, the common thread is Bond’s ethereal voice; whether she’s reminding us of  Madonna’s “Live To Tell” in songs like “Resist,” conjuring the spirit of the Bee Gees’ “How Deep Is Your Love” in tracks like “Fate,” or making us get up and dance. The production is unfussy, the tones are muted. Every element on The Mess We Created comes together seamlessly, making it one of the coolest listens we’ve had in a long time. 

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Featured Image of Heather Bond by Meg Sagi

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