Get ready for a guitar-fueled thrill ride with the release of the Little Heat EP from Miami rockers, Bruvvy.  Fronted by vocalist Liz Varum, the quartet has put together a fast-paced album that’s guaranteed to keep your pulse racing.

Bruvvy Band photo by Carla Nicolella

The heavy use of thunderous electric guitar would make it easy to label Bruvvy as “hard rock.” However, that wouldn’t tell the whole story.   Little Heat is all about the guitar riffs, but pulled from a variety of influences. Likewise, it would be a mistake to only focus on the guitar. Varum’s vocal work completes Bruvvy’s sound.  It’s a band that can truly throw down and sounds good while doing it.

The album opener, “Attn:,” is loaded with funky groove.  It sounds classic, with references to big 80’s rock flare.  Varum matches the music’s energy with her loud and powerful vocals that thankfully never feel shouted like we hear from many similar groups.  “Attn:” is followed by another standout from the album, “Not For Sale.” It starts with a big drum beat and heavy cymbal crashes that instantly grab your attention.  Meanwhile, Varum uses contrasting vocals on the track—sweet and distant collides with roaring and direct—to give it a haunting feel.  The song has a distinct psychedelic rock sound.

The album never slows as it continues with the foot-stomping beat of, “U Think This Song Is About U,” and the pure funk anthem, “Fake It.”  The start of the closer, “Proof,” might fool you into thinking that Bruvvy is finally going to slow the pace.  However, like much of the album, whenever you think the guitar power is about to fade, it quickly returns with a vengeance. Notable about the final track are Varum’s clean, angst-filled vocals which make a complete song, rather than a fast-tempo screamer.

A welcome and raucous treat, Little Heat from Bruvvy is made to be played with the volume cranked to 11.  It serves as a reminder that we simply don’t get enough wall-rattling, neighbor-waking rock albums anymore.

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