New Music Friday!

It’s been busy around these parts lately, so we’re a tad behind when it comes to posting the newest releases. Don’t judge us. Anyhoo, here are a few tracks and videos out recently that we’re a-diggin’. Check ’em out:


Nashville singer/songwriter and professional fiddler Jen Starsinic picks up her electric guitar and channels the 90s on her forthcoming album Bad Actor, out February 7th. Her new single “Picture In A Frame,” features shimmering guitar and dreamy vocals as Starsinic proves she’s a versatile and growing musician who appreciates her roots-y, well, roots, but isn’t solely defined by them. Get a taste of this indie rock goodness:


Tired of Christmas music already? Feel free to take a break from the norm and inject some holiday sneer into the mix with “Grim,” the new single from Canadian blues rock duo The Blue Stones. As the band encourages others to take personal responsibility for their actions (ie, every verse is like the ultimate kiss-off in itself), the pair will rock the buds right out of your ears. Give it a listen:


How fun is Brian Dunne? Super fun, and that’s a fact. With his new video “Nothing Matters Anymore,” Dunne’s road-worn style and clever songwriting calls to mind everyman greats like Tom Petty and Bob Seger. “I used to worry about the way I talk, I used to think about the way I thought, I used to talk about myself a lot, but nothing matters anymore,” he sings from behind the counter at a bodega with a twinkle in his eye. As he flashes a little grin at the camera, you can’t help but feel like there’s a joke, he’s written it, he’s already several steps ahead, and he’s patiently waiting for you to get there. We love everything about it.

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