“I am not your little lady, I am so much more than lovely. Fear me, hate me, call me crazy, you won’t break me,” snarls Nashville-based singer/songwriter Elisabeth Beckwitt in her new empowerment anthem “Lovely.” “I have become so much stronger over the past few years and am finally embracing my power as a woman,” she explains. “A big part of that is letting myself get angry, something I have struggled with throughout my whole life. Anger is seen as a negative, but sometimes it is the fuel we need to start the fire. To make a change. To stop shaming ourselves for having a different version of womanhood. To embrace our own power. To stop blaming ourselves for someone else’s weakness.”

Beckwitt is notorious for allowing her sound to be constantly evolving; with “Lovely,” she and producer Jason Threm of Threm Music and Entertainment drew from the rapidly-growing dark pop movement–and the result was exactly what we needed. “Take a step down sir, stop talking so loudly. You’ve had your time, and taking up mine now,” she sings, her soulful vocals shored up with conviction. The sonic landscape is filled with hard-hitting beats as she expresses pent-up frustrations, asking the question that women have been asking for generations: “Is it our time yet?” This song is proof positive that our time is now.

Without further ado, East of 8th proudly presents “Lovely” by Elisabeth Beckwitt:

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