It takes a lot of strength to face this world every day, and when you fight anxiety daily, it can feel like you’re in quicksand, sinking deeper the harder you try to overcome it. Nashville-based artist Lanaé takes an alt-pop turn and addresses her own struggles in her new single “Let It Be,” set for release Friday, February 15th.

After five years, two children, and a lot of life experience later, Lanaé is back with new songs that reflect the tragicness and brokenness as well as the sweetness and goodness, of the life she has lived over the last few years. The loss of a dear friend, as well as the loss of her mother, coupled with the painful end to her label career, gave her spirit space to breathe, time to heal, and a chance to rediscover her passion. 

In “Let it Be, “Lanaé’s emotions run deep, her heart fully involved in the story she wants to deliver. “I wrote this song for those of us who know anxiety and its cruel ability to sweep away the inner calm like the rage of a beautiful, tragic storm…. it can be instant, untamed and unnoticed by those around. I have come to cling, in desperation, to my God,”  she explains of the role her faith plays in dealing with her anxiety. “The One who is the great storm tamer, the One who whispers to my soul to “Let It Be”…for He is the only One who can bear the weight of my world because He has conquered death with His precious blood.”

Through the pain and tears, hope and dreams begin to rise, and Lanaé is learning to embrace the mess “until it breaks into beauty,” as she encourages us all: 

“When the guilt screams loud…

When your purpose is paralyzing…

When the fear follows you to sleep…

Let it be.”

Without further ado, East of 8th proudly presents “Let It Be” by “Lanaé:

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